Rear end bootcam test in car – how good is cam

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BootCam review.

Bootcam (uk) or Trunkcam (usa) is amazing angle to view traffic.

Have you ever wondered what is like to travel in the trunk or boot ? Now with a cam in rear of car you will find out.

Watch people picking their noses !! lol

We bought this cam from eBay for £7 or approx $11 , here we tested it and you will find out what we think.

The video really makes you realise what it feels like to be a dog in the trunk. Watching the world go buy or the guy behind picking his nose or arguing with is partner.

Also watching cars heading to rear end you, lol

Feels weird at back huh, because it is like driving in rearview mirror huh.

What do you think about footage quality? Leave your comments. We gave the camera a fairly long run to see how it records the world.

Some issues, ours would not turnoff the screen, you could continually see the filming, does record sound, instructions were in Chinese. Does not appear to be full HD more like 720p.

Has a little blue flashing light, not sure what this is telling you ? Either it has power or is recording.

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