GS8000L dash cam test

GS8000L dash cam test The HD GS8000L When I first bought this little cam on Ebay it was around £12, of course it may cost more now. Pretty full kit Windscreen Adapter Car power adapter USB cable Camera The camera will hold up to […]

iPhone tripod adapter – part 2

iPhone tripod adapter iPhone tripod adapter part 1 , you remember part one ? NO ? you should check out part one before watching this video. part 2 of the sequence of reviews about the tripod adapter. Also ideal for fitting to the Suction […]

Iphone tripod adapter – part 1

Iphone tripod adapter Iphone tripod adapter – have you ever wanted to fit iPhone to a tripod ? This gadget helps with that, watch part 1 and part 2 to see our outcome. I bought this little tripod adapter from ebay. Cost me £1.99 […]

Sexy Cheesecake

Sexy Cheesecake This has got to be the sexiest cheesecake around. Why is it so special ? Because … It’s Polish Has a creamy texture Not sickly Unusual Made in England Meringue topping Chocolate cake base Guess what it is Polish but it’s made […]

Feeling Hungry ?

Are you feeling hungry ? Hungry cute girl videos herself eating cheese flavoured small crickets, see what she says and if she vomits or not. There are many health and environmental benefits to eating insects. High in protein Lower in fat Lower in cholesterol […]

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