Weird event involving mobility scooter

Weird event involving mobility scooter a weird event involving a mobility scooter. This has got to be the weirdest event I have seen on video. I’m still trying to figure out how the elderly lady managed to do this. How do you think she […]

Rear end bootcam test in car – how good is cam

BootCam review. Bootcam (uk) or Trunkcam (usa) is amazing angle to view traffic. Have you ever wondered what is like to travel in the trunk or boot ? Now with a cam in rear of car you will find out. Watch people picking their […]

BBQ Silkworms crunchy and crispy

BBQ Silkworms crunchy and crispy BBQ Silkworms, what are they really like ? Trying out Crunchy and Crispy Silkworms with BBQ flavour My review of BBQ flavoured Silkworms. Watch me eat Silkworm larvae and see what I think of them, would you eat them […]

Eating Silkworms, look like huge maggots.

Eating Silkworms My review of Nori seaweed flavoured Silkworms. They look just like giant oversized maggots. Watch me eat Silkworm larvae and see what I think of them, would you eat them ? WHY ? Because They are high in protein Healthy Low in […]

Is this legal driving? Should you drive on pavements ?

Is this legal driving? Legal driving ? You decide because the public decides his potential fate. Is the driver of this car driving in a legal or safe manner ? Post your comments and clarify the legal position or just state what you think. […]

Is it worth buying ? Dash cam test in North Wales.

Testing a new dash cam. Testing a new dash cam I bought on ebay. Is it worth buying ? It cost me £9 about $13 seems like a mega bargain. Unbranded car cam. Tell you what, watch the film and you decide. Leave your […]

Suction Cup Mount for Cars, Trucks and Tractors, even Trains

Suction cup mount My little review of a suction cup mount, the suction cup mount I bought on Ebay. It is also ideal to fit the adapter to for holding iPhones on. Hope you like my video review. Remember to leave any comments. Please […]

Amazing butterfly guy

Amazing butterfly guy Amazing butterfly guy has ability to call the butterflies in nature, they fly to him. How does he do it ? Can you figure out how he gets the butterfly to fly to him Is he telepathic ? Maybe he is an […]

GS8000L dash cam test

GS8000L dash cam test The HD GS8000L When I first bought this little cam on Ebay it was around £12, of course it may cost more now. Pretty full kit Windscreen Adapter Car power adapter USB cable Camera The camera will hold up to […]

iPhone tripod adapter – part 2

iPhone tripod adapter iPhone tripod adapter part 1 , you remember part one ? NO ? you should check out part one before watching this video. part 2 of the sequence of reviews about the tripod adapter. Also ideal for fitting to the Suction […]

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