Eating BBQ Crickets an Asian treat in Britain

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Eating BBQ Crickets an Asian treat in Britain

Eating BBQ crickets an Asian treat, loved throughout Thailand. Now available in Britain. The Crickets are very good for you.

I am going to eat these creepy crawly bugs ( insects ).

See the bits of heads and legs ? They are CRUNCHY

These insects look like little grasshoppers which make a chirping noise, often found in your garden, will I vomit on camera ?

Also there are many health and environmental benefits to eating insects.

High in protein
Lower in fat
Lower in cholesterol than beef or pork
High in some minerals
Easy to snack on
Ideal for the kids
Easy to breed
Easily farmed for food

Keep watching and find out if I like the crickets.

The Crickets were bought from Raanthai in UK

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