BBQ Silkworms crunchy and crispy

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BBQ Silkworms crunchy and crispy

BBQ Silkworms, what are they really like ?

Trying out Crunchy and Crispy Silkworms with BBQ flavour

My review of BBQ flavoured Silkworms.

Watch me eat Silkworm larvae and see what I think of them, would you eat them ?



  • They are high in protein
  • Healthy
  • Low in fat
  • Contain substances which are extremely good for you
  • High protein and low fat = diet food
  • Ideal snack food, pack them in childrens lunchboxes.

Where do you buy silkworms from because I want to try them ?

I bought them from Raanthai a local Thai supermarket in Prenton, they also have a website.

Do they come in different flavours ?

Yes, currently the shop has 3 different flavours, Cheese, Nori Seaweed and BBQ

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